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I will do this using Capitalism [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Scott Robinson

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The police confiscated them, saying people might steal them [Oct. 19th, 2014, 06:55 pm]
Scott Robinson
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Life is a post-hoc narrative.

The last time we really spoke, I had just arrived in Sydney. And so we turned the page to the chapter of my life entitled with the name of a corporation. A few cities, a few loves, a few clients; here I am. Back in Sydney.

"It's all I hoped." Yes, but. "I want to be all they hoped." Yes, but. "Pacing through the full passenger deck, from fore to aft and back again, watching the receding lights of my new city filled with exactly what I think I want: no one I know." Sometimes I try too hard. More simply, I left home because I wanted to know if I, alone, could establish and support myself? Well, no man is an island. And it was only years later I realized vagrancy had been encultured into me. But, the answer? Yes.

That was a surprise.

"Goals and plans allay me." Still true. Where does that leave me? And for anyone still reading this LiveJournal, where does that leave us? My goals and plans have changed because I've changed. For no good reason except the sharpness of recent memories and the maturity from experience, I think I've changed more in the last five years than I have ever in my adult life. And, for the first time since 2002, I wake up in the morning with a passion.

In 2002, my passion was Virtual-On. I'm so proud of how that passion shaped my life. And if you look at my K5 diaries and the Auburn VO gathering notes of those years, you can glimpse who I was then.

Nothing in this LiveJournal has ever been about my passion; because this LiveJournal started almost the day I realized I had to put it down. I woke up one morning, in that dirty basement room in Maple Valley, with a new thought. I fell into dreams thinking "find where the handshaking logic is testing latency" and woke with the cold horror, "a minimum wage job, new video games, and some computer parts is all I need to be content." I had seen, saw every day, people of all ages living the life I was pointed toward. None of my peers judged me. My parents have always, unconditionally, encouraged me. And I'd had been happy.

I quit playing Virtual-On. I quit playing video games. I quit playing with computers. I quit playing. I sat down, and wrote down a list of everything I needed to be an adult. Then I started this blog. I was cagey in the beginning, writing things like "completion schedule, #1" because I was ashamed. Most things, I never had the bravery to write. And slowly, with the missteps of any recovering addict, I became what I thought was necessary.

Years later, I stopped writing in this LiveJournal because it was over. I didn't understand how or why. My old theory was of the natural course of blogs. A slow start, a furious middle, a slow end into ellipses. But, I never stopped writing. Travel is Fatal, , fragments, ohlife, and bedlam 臺北 are all there for perusal or reflection.

What I came to understand was my many diaries and journals, online and offline, were all hypermedia commentary in chapters of my life narrative. Too pretentious? Think Joyce or Danielewski. Still too pretentious? I apologize; because, I'm not writing this for you anymore.

I'm writing this for me. Because another thing I realized is I rarely finish. Want me to feel ashamed? Want me to feel embarrassed? Ask about school, or old projects, or— hell— this blog.

LiveJournal is where the name quadhome came into existence. quad, my handle since junior high, was taken. This was quad's home, therefore. And so it went for so many websites, whenever quad was taken. It hurt, badly, the first time someone called me quadhome in person. It still hurts.

No one has called me quad in a long time. A couple weeks ago, Kirk (MentholMoose) and Joey (Schooly D / evenpar123) in an interview called me by my given name. They said, "should we tell him about Scott?" Not quad. Not slant. That hurt too, but it was understandable: we are friends. And both quad and slant have been undead identities, no one willing to put a bullet through their heads.

This is the end of quadhome. We finished reading this chapter years ago. I became an adult. It's time to put away my childish things.

Of course, I'll be elsewhere. But, I've changed so very much. Maybe it's best if we start over.

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Sin is a branch of geography [Nov. 16th, 2012, 07:59 pm]
Scott Robinson
[Tags|, ]

Big changes are afoot. I've moved to Singapore— seemingly for the next year.

Taking advantage of the locale, I've visiting the nearby countries. I'm up to three Chinese visas now. So, that's something.

But there's close to no live music scene here. And it's killing me.

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Poetry is a sport. Where everybody loses. [Jul. 3rd, 2012, 06:18 pm]
Scott Robinson
[Tags|, ]

Saw it coming; my cab slipping under the back of the van.
Flew forward; shouting because it seemed right.
Felt stupid; knowing there was nothing to shout about.
Logorrhea; tweeting when all I wanted was to call a friend.
Scared. Alone.

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It's the channel with the least amount of lies [May. 15th, 2012, 03:37 pm]
Scott Robinson
[Tags|, ]

Just shy of two years in Australia.

The Indian consulate reminded me of this, most inconveniently. One-year business visas require an interview if you haven't lived in your "home" quite long enough. They also require a few extra days of processing when it's discovered you share a passport number with a German woman.

So, I'm going to India. For 10 to 20 weeks.

We've done this before, of course. (see: Melbourne, Perth) And thus, despite all reassurances and expectations, I have to presume I'll be living in Bangalore for the next year.

Sometime soon— very soon— I'll stop moving.

But, this mixtape will be my last taste from Australia for a fair bit.
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And Mammon wins his way where seraphs might despair. [Apr. 3rd, 2012, 09:56 pm]
Scott Robinson
[Tags|, ]

And that's the rest of 2012 up through March. Which is now.

I've reinstated the 30 day playlist rule and stared putting together an April playlist. Five artists on it thus far, all Perth based.

Let's see if Taiwan can open that up a little.

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therefore algebra is run on a machine (the universe) which is twos-complement [Apr. 2nd, 2012, 01:45 am]
Scott Robinson
[Tags|, ]

It's 2012 and our world is at peace.

Why do our elected representatives need bodyguards?

They aren't our "leaders." In democracies, no one is a single point of failure. Our officials are both regularly and irregularly replaced.

The trappings of power are pretty distasteful.

But you know what isn't? The fin de 2011 mixtape!

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Something humanity has always been able to believe in is that the universe adds up [Nov. 2nd, 2011, 10:50 pm]
Scott Robinson

Creatively speaking, I'm lost.

Physically speaking, I'm in Perth.

Musically speaking, I'm in limbo.

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嘴上无毛,办事不牢 [Oct. 5th, 2011, 10:06 pm]
Scott Robinson

There's a new tab on my to-do list entitled, "people are important," as if it's a recent revelation.

Maybe it was?
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Yes, but whence? [Aug. 29th, 2011, 09:26 pm]
Scott Robinson

We haven't shared for a long time.

It wasn't you. It was me.

But, I can change.

Only now do I appreciate how hard it is to stay balanced.

We can make this work.

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Wikileaks [Dec. 7th, 2010, 08:47 pm]
Scott Robinson

Sweden publishing a Red Notice is unusual. But, not particularly so wrt. sex offenses.

Here are the organizations responsible for all of the Red Notices from Sweden:

  • SODERTALJE / Sweden
  • COURT OF APPEAL / Sweden

The International Public Prosecution Office in Gothenburg stands out. It's not a court. It's not a city nor region. What is it?

Prosecution Office in Gothenburg handle cases in Västra Götaland County and Halland County, including cases involving cross-border - and even some national - organized crime, non-Nordic legal aid cases, matters of extradition, to surrender under the European arrest warrant, transfer of proceedings, etc.

It weird. You'd think the courts would handle their own paperwork. Even the Prosecution Office has a dedicated notice for English visitors trumpeting their involvement thusfar.

I'll have to ask a Swedish friend to understand more.

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